Apartment building at Raatuse Street 68

The Raatuse Street 68 plot has a multifunctional building. It contains both apartments and commercial spaces. It is essentially a building complex with … Read more

Pärnu H&M store

The Pärnu H&M store was built on the second and third storeys of the existing Pärnu Centre. For that purpose the shopping centre … Read more

Lõunakeskus: café rebuilding

The Orient Express Café at the Lõunakeskus Centre was rebuilt. The goal of the project was to overhaul the existing eatery, refreshing and … Read more

Common building for Rescue Board and Emergency Call Centre in Tartu

A common building for the Rescue Board and the Emergency Call centre was constructed on Kaunase Boulevard 73a in Tartu, as commissioned by … Read more

Nõo Lihatööstus annex

The existing production facility of AS Nõo Lihatööstus, one of the leading meat processing companies in Estonia, was expanded by adding a two-storey … Read more

Pärnu Centre

The Pärnu Centre entertainment and shopping building was constructed on the Lai Street 5 plot along with connection galleries between Aida Street 7 … Read more

IV Sammas OÜ’s commercial building at Rebase Street 1 in Tartu

A three-storey commercial building was constructed on the Rebase 1 plot, as commissioned by IV Sammas OÜ. The first storey is partially underground. … Read more

Lõunakeskus: multi-storey car park and annex

The 8th stage of the Lõunakeskus Centre construction consisted of making a new entrance and a square at the front on the western … Read more

Reading hall for University of Tartu’s library

There was a public tender for project design and renovation of the reading hall for humanities and social sciences at the library of … Read more