Tartu University IT centre (Delta)

Within this project, the existing school building at the site was demolished and replaced by a new L-shaped building, the longer side of … Read more

Novapolis stage 1 and 2

The first stage of this project saw the full reconstruction of the building complex at Riia 142 in Tartu, wherein a five-storeyed (wing … Read more

Reconstruction of a commercial building of Lõunakeskus

This project involved the redesign and reconstruction of an existing store building of Lõunakeskus in Tartu, which was to be joined by new … Read more

Extension and reconstruction of the commercial building of Tööriistamarket

This project saw the reconstruction of the façades of the existing building of Tööriistamarket and the construction of a new southeastern wing at … Read more

Construction of the Jõgeva breeding centre of the Estonian Crop Research Institute

The site currently holds a boiler plant and a fuel oil pumping station built in 1968, both of which will be demolished to … Read more

Construction of Astri commercial building

This project saw the construction of a new commercial building for OÜ Astri Köök near the Lõunakeskus shopping centre in Tartu. The building … Read more

Construction of the LõunaTERA private school in Tartu

Within this project, the existing production building of Astri Köök will be converted into a school building for the LõunaTERA private school in … Read more

Construction of the Viruvere plywood factory

The building will have a rectangular floor plan due to the nature of the production process. The general-use block will have two floors … Read more

Punane Maja (Red House), Telliskivi 60a/8, Tallinn

This is a reconstruction project, which involves building two additional floors for a former four-storey machinery and equipment building, wherein the existing load-bearing … Read more

Ursa building of Tallinn University

Within this project, a wing built in the 1960s was demolished and replaced with a new one: the Ursa building. The building has … Read more

LabelPrint office and industrial building extension

Within this project, the existing office and industrial building of LabelPrint OÜ at Reti tee 16, Rae Parish, Peetri Village was extended by … Read more

Extension of AS Kroonpress’s print shop

The existing print shop at Lõõtsa 2 in Tartu was extended eastward by 12 metres. The single-storeyed production building is designed for the … Read more

Puumerkki office and warehouse building

The office and warehouse building is located at Pihlapuu 1, Õssu Village, Kambja Parish, Tartu County. The building has a rectangular floor area … Read more

Tõrva COOP

The anchor tenant of the completed commercial building is COOP, followed by a number of smaller businesses. The primarily single-storeyed building has a … Read more

Extension of the production building of Valio Eesti AS

Within this project, an extension was built for the existing factory of Valio Eesti AS to house a cottage cheese plant. The main … Read more

Eeden shopping centre in Tartu

The shopping centre was extended in the direction of Sõpruse Bridge, where the old car park was demolished to make way for the … Read more

Production building, Peterburi tee 49, Tallinn

This project involved the demolition of an old production building and its replacement with a new production building together with a parking lot, … Read more

Reconstruction of the Tartu University Library at W. Struve 1 in Tartu

This project saw the partial reconstruction of the Tartu University Library. This included the reconstruction of the fire compartments and escape routes. New … Read more

Lange Moto Centre

Lange Moto Centre commissioned the construction of a go-kart centre building, which is conceptually divided into two sections. The southern section has two … Read more