LIDL shop building in Pärnu

The new commercial building that will be constructed on the Riia mnt 106 property in Mai city district in Pärnu is a single-storey … Read more

Naked Island art production complex in Tallinn

An art production complex called Naked Island will be constructed at Laevastiku 3 in Paljassaare, Tallinn. It is an old ceramics factory office … Read more

Swimming Pool and SPA in Tõrva

A swimming pool and accommodation building will be built on the registered immovable of Puiestee 1 in Tõrva City, Valga County. The complex … Read more

Alatskivi COOP

The new shop building in Peipsiääre Rural Municipality, Tartu County, is a rectangular building with a flat roof and a parapet. The shop … Read more

KFC restaurant in Tartu

The former rental space of Handymann in Lõunakeskus (Ringtee 73, Tartu) will be converted into a KFC restaurant. Kentucky Fried Chicken will open … Read more

Tartu University IT centre (Delta)

Within this project, the existing school building at the site was demolished and replaced by a new L-shaped building, the longer side of … Read more

KFC restaurant in Fama Centre, Narva

A rental space in Narva Fama Centre, located at Fama 10, will be renovated from a retail space into a restaurant and a … Read more

Commercial and office building in Narva-Jõesuu

The two-storey shopping centre and office building at Jaan Poska 26, Narva-Jõesuu City is simple and compact. Its commercial floor is decorated with … Read more

Raadimõisa Konsum

Raadimõisa Konsum is located at Kaupmehe 2 in Tila village, Tartu Rural Municipality, Tartu County. The shop building has a square floorplan, a … Read more


On Ujula street in Tartu, three buildings will be constructed on the banks of River Emajõgi: a two-storey ship construction workshop (Lodjakoda), an … Read more

Miridon office and warehouse building

The existing building of Miridon OÜ at Rehepapi tee 31, Tartu County, was reconstructed into an office building and a new wing with … Read more

Mustvee E-Ehituskeskus

The shop building in Mustee is mainly single-storey and comprises two interconnected sections with a gable roof. It is a laminated timber frame … Read more

Novapolis stage 1 and 2

The first stage of this project saw the full reconstruction of the building complex at Riia 142 in Tartu, wherein a five-storeyed (wing … Read more

Pärnu Joint Building

The Pärnu Joint Building complex has been designed for the administrative institutions of the Ministry of the Interior. The official premises and workrooms … Read more

University of Tartu Centre for Entrepreneurship in Delta building

The UT Centre for Entrepreneurship is a five-storey office building that is connected to the Delta building via galleries and the basement. In … Read more

Meistri 16 office building in Tallinn

The modern office building called M16 that will be surrounded by greenery and competed in June 2020 will be located in the interestingly … Read more