Respo Trailers, sales and service building

Respo Trailers’ sales and service building will be built in Kurna village, Rae parish, Harju County. The property is located between Tallinn Ring … Read more

Terraced and apartment building in Tiskre

The property is located in a densely populated area close to the Baltic sea at Hansu 1/3, Haabersti, Tallinn, Harju County. Two buildings … Read more

LIDL shop building in Mustamäe

The LIDL commercial building that will be constructed on the Karjavälja tn 12 property is a new two-storey structure. It is an international … Read more

LIDL shop building in Pärnu

The new commercial building that will be constructed on the Riia mnt 106 property in Mai city district in Pärnu is a single-storey … Read more

Naked Island art production complex in Tallinn

An art production complex called Naked Island will be constructed at Laevastiku 3 in Paljassaare, Tallinn. It is an old ceramics factory office … Read more

LIDL shop building in Tallinn

The new commercial building that will be constructed on the Raadiku 11 property in Lasnamäe city district is a single-storey framed construction with … Read more

Swimming Pool and SPA in Tõrva

A swimming pool and accommodation building will be built on the registered immovable of Puiestee 1 in Tõrva City, Valga County. The complex … Read more

Alatskivi COOP

The new shop building in Peipsiääre Rural Municipality, Tartu County, is a rectangular building with a flat roof and a parapet. The shop … Read more

KFC restaurant in Tartu

The former rental space of Handymann in Lõunakeskus (Ringtee 73, Tartu) will be converted into a KFC restaurant. Kentucky Fried Chicken will open … Read more

Tartu University IT centre (Delta)

Within this project, the existing school building at the site was demolished and replaced by a new L-shaped building, the longer side of … Read more

KFC restaurant in Fama Centre, Narva

A rental space in Narva Fama Centre, located at Fama 10, will be renovated from a retail space into a restaurant and a … Read more

Commercial and office building in Narva-Jõesuu

The two-storey shopping centre and office building at Jaan Poska 26, Narva-Jõesuu City is simple and compact. Its commercial floor is decorated with … Read more

Raadimõisa Konsum

Raadimõisa Konsum is located at Kaupmehe 2 in Tila village, Tartu Rural Municipality, Tartu County. The shop building has a square floorplan, a … Read more


On Ujula street in Tartu, three buildings will be constructed on the banks of River Emajõgi: a two-storey ship construction workshop (Lodjakoda), an … Read more