Roosi 49 apartment building

Apartment building with 12 apartments will be built on Roosi 49 lot. The building is situated across the property, as a result there … Read more

Accommodation building for the athletes, water and sewage station and external communications for Kääriku Sport Centre

The public contract comprises of drawing up the structural project, construction, drafting the interior design project, acquiring equipment, furniture and fittings. During the … Read more

Phase 3 of the construction of Nõo Lihatööstus (Nõo Meat Industry)

In phase 3 of the construction works, an extension will be added to the existing building, partially on the existing building, and a … Read more

Lõunakeskus ice skating rink

A major part of Lõunakeskus shopping centre is an ice skating rink which due its popularity needs an additional practice hall. For this, … Read more

Veeriku Selver

The construction will be consisted of extension and renovating the existing business building. During the renovation the existing building will be partially rebuilt … Read more

10th stage of Lõunakeskus construction

Lõunakeskus is the leading shopping and leisure centre in Southern Estonia. In the course of the 10th stage of the mall’s construction work … Read more

Replacement of Vanemuine’s stage equipment

In 2016 and 2017 the upper and lower stage equipment in the large building of the Vanemuine Theatre will be updated as commissioned … Read more

Pärnu H&M Home

The Pärnu H & M store is extending on the third floor for the Home Department. In the course of rebuilding the bulkhead … Read more

Tulemäe tavern – guest house

The planned complex consists of a tavern-guest house, auxiliary building and shelter. The works include the reconstruction of the existing stone building. Auxiliary … Read more

Rõngu Konsum

The planned store building has a single storey. Project design work is being conducted in 2015. Net area: 800 m² Expected construction period: … Read more

Hotel at 14 Ülikooli St.

Hotelli krunt paikneb Tartu vanalinnas, Raekoja platsi taga, Pirogovi platsi servas ja Toomemäe nõlva ääres. Projekti koostamise aluseks on arhitektuurikonkursi võidutöö VAHVEL. Hotell … Read more

Kambja Shop building on Kesk Street 2a/2b

The business building comprises one storey without a cellar. The roof is flat, the framework is metal and the walls consist of sandwich … Read more

Multi-functional building at 2 Riia St.

The planned multi-functional urban quarter lies between Kaubamaja department store and Tasku centre and is bordered by the streets of Riia, Turu, Soola … Read more

Health centre at Puusepa Street 3

The Puusepa Street 3 plot is situated in the Tammelinn built-up area of cultural and environmental value. A modern annex was added to … Read more

Wash Me car wash

This self-service car wash facility with four pressure-wash automated units is situated on the Tehase 22 plot next to Turu Street. It is … Read more

Jõhvi Secondary School

Riigi Kinnisvara AS and Jõhvi Rural Municipality have commissioned the construction of a building to accommodate Jõhvi Secondary School on a registered immovable … Read more

Residential and commercial building at 2 Soola St.

The modern architectural design of the building and especially its articulated façade on Kalevi Street reflects the restless lifestyle characteristic of the city … Read more

Apartment building at Raatuse Street 68

The Raatuse Street 68 plot has a multifunctional building. It contains both apartments and commercial spaces. It is essentially a building complex with … Read more

Pärnu H&M store

The Pärnu H&M store was built on the second and third storeys of the existing Pärnu Centre. For that purpose the shopping centre … Read more

Lõunakeskus: café rebuilding

The Orient Express Café at the Lõunakeskus Centre was rebuilt. The goal of the project was to overhaul the existing eatery, refreshing and … Read more