Terraced and apartment building in Tiskre

The property is located in a densely populated area close to the Baltic sea at Hansu 1/3, Haabersti, Tallinn, Harju County. Two buildings are being designed at the registered immovable: a two-storey terraced house with the address Hansu tn 3 is planned on the north side, and a three-storey apartment building with the address Hansu tn 1 on the south side of the property.

DelMar Residence’s terraced and apartment buildings are characterised by their distinguished architecture and Nordic design. Each terraced house and apartment has windows on several sides of the building. This ensures plentiful direct sunlight according to the standard for all terraced houses and apartments. The energy class of both buildings is B, with a modern central heating system, a heat-recovery ventilation unit and heat-resistant construction that ensure low energy costs for residential buildings.

The apartment house is a 3-storey, 6-apartment private building. The apartments have two, three or four rooms. Apartments are characterised by functionality, a modern design, high-quality materials, floor-to-ceiling windows, balcony, sea view, large stowages and bicycle storage. The penthouse apartments have roof terraces. The first floor apartments also have terraces. Each second and third floor apartment has a balcony. The stairwell of the house opens into the central courtyard.

The terraced houses have two storeys and there are 9 boxes in total. The boxes are similar in terms of layout. However each box has its own characteristics. The ground floor has a kitchen, a roomy living room and a large sauna lounge. In addition to 3 or 4 bedrooms, a spacious bathroom and a wardrobe are planned for the second floor. Outside, each box has its own ample terrace, 2 parking lots, a small garden and a common area. The terrace is covered with deep-impregnated brown terrace board.

The architectural language of both buildings is modern. The dark gray facade is enriched with white protruding parts that provide a delightful contrast. The internal structure of the buildings is designed according to the customer’s layout programme and the orientation of the building on the property.

Closed net area: Hansu 1 apartment building 537,6 m2, Hansu 3 terraced house 1516,2 m2
Architect: AB Standup OÜ
Construction period: November 2020 – November 2021

More information about sales and location: https://delmar.ee/

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