LIDL shop building in Mustamäe

The LIDL commercial building that will be constructed on the Karjavälja tn 12 property is a new two-storey structure.
It is an international retail chain whose general architectural concept is based on the standard solution for this retail chain, both in terms of the plan and the choice of façade materials. The architectural design of the commercial building is practical and balanced. The colour scheme is minimalist according to the standard solution, and the characteristic feature is the contrast of the white and metallic façade surfaces with the graphite grey accents.
In addition to the entrance and parking area, there are also mechanical rooms on the ground floor of the building. The second floor of the building includes the sales area and its bakery, storage area, cold storage, ancillary premises and staff rooms. The floors are connected by lifts and moving walkways.
Next to the entrance to the sales area there is a bottle recycling station and an accessible toilet.
The property can be accessed via Aiandi and Laki streets. There will be two disabled parking spaces near the entrance to the underground car park. Disabled parking spaces will have a hard and smooth coating (without unevenness) and they will be marked with a white pictogram on the coating. The outdoor area and the car park will have outdoor lighting that meets all requirements.

Net internal area: 4886.1 m²
Main designer: Esplan OÜ
Construction period: October 2020 – September 2021

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