LIDL shop building in Pärnu

The new commercial building that will be constructed on the Riia mnt 106 property in Mai city district in Pärnu is a single-storey framed construction with a low pitched roof, concrete columns and steel beams. It is an international retail chain whose architectural concept is based on the standard solution of this retail chain, both in terms of the plan, façade and the choice of materials. The façade solution is based on two different wall materials – plaster and metal. The defining features of the building are the glass façade and the cantilever canopy of the main entrance. Solar control glass will be used in the openings to ensure sun protection. The commercial property plan includes a sales area, bottle recycling station, storage space, and mechanical and staff rooms. The mobility of people with mobility, visual and hearing impairments has also been taken into account in the design of the commercial property. The entrance and retail area will be flush with the pavement, and the outdoor space will include 3 disabled parking spaces close to the shop entrance, as well as outdoor lighting that meets all requirements.

Closed net area: 2,352.1 m²
Main designer: Esplan OÜ
Construction period: July 2020 – May 2021

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