Naked Island art production complex in Tallinn

An art production complex called Naked Island will be constructed at Laevastiku 3 in Paljassaare, Tallinn.

It is an old ceramics factory office block where an innovative, modern and flexible working environment for artists will be created.
In the future, a wing that will be reconstructed will be used for art production. The first two floors will contain studio spaces with direct outdoor access. The third floor will house office spaces for production.
Architecturally, the existing building will create a background for the new modern extensions. The obsolete concrete panel exterior walls of the existing building will be demolished. These will be replaced with metal composite insulation panels. Wood and façade panels will be used in finishing the extension. The colours are inspired by an island paradise – green tones and an interplay of light and shadow.

In contrast to the existing building, extensions will be added – a section with a gabled roof on top of the existing building and an entrance area. The connecting hallway is also an architectural element that combines access to the second floor, an outdoor terrace and access to the backyard.
People with mobility, visual and hearing impairments have also been taken into account – suitable entrances to the building, disability-compliant toilets and a lift that meets the requirements of disabled people have been designed for the building.
There will be 22 parking spaces for vehicles next to the building and 24 parking spaces for bicycles on the north side of the property.

Enclosed net area of reconstruction: 2265.9 m2
Main designer: Kauss Arhitektuur OÜ
Construction period: July 2020 – April 2021

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