Tartu University IT centre (Delta)

Within this project, the existing school building at the site was demolished and replaced by a new L-shaped building, the longer side of which will run parallel to the river and the shorter side will face Vene street. The building will have four floors above and one below ground. The building has classrooms, lecture halls, and offices for teaching staff. It will also have specialised study rooms and catering rooms. At the southern tip of the building, there will be a separate Student Office unit, where students (and others) will have the chance to rent workspaces and which will be connected to the rest of the building on floors 2 and 3. The basement floor is a car park and mechanical rooms. The load-bearing sections of the outer and inner wall will be made from precast reinforced concrete slabs, columns and beams will be made from precast concrete. The load-bearing sections of the floors and roof floors will principally be made of hollow-core slabs. The roof will be covered with two layers of SBS membrane. The building will receive an architectural appearance in the form of metal ribbing composed of vertical ribs in two colours – dark grey and brass – installed in front of the façade (at a distance of about 1 m). Within the cityscape, the façade will offer a variety of views, while forming a simple and dignified whole. The ribbing also has a secondary function as solar protection for the large glass surfaces.

Enclosed net area: 23 240 m²
Architect: Arhitekt 11 OÜ
Construction period: january 2018 – november 2019

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