On Ujula street in Tartu, three buildings will be constructed on the banks of River Emajõgi: a two-storey ship construction workshop (Lodjakoda), an auxiliary building and a lifeguard house/sauna. The buildings are designed in a crescent shape around the natural bend of the river, this allows the space between the river and the buildings to be used as an extension of the ship construction area, as a manoeuvring area for vehicles transporting boats and as a spectator area for watching shows/concerts on the barges. The main entrance of Lodjakoda is facing the river. The lifeguard is located at the tip of the crescent and is facing the swimming beach. The ship construction areas and workshops, administration, waiting area for customers, seminar room and the rooms of the handymen are located in the largest building of Lodjakoda. The areas between the auxiliary building, Lodjakoda and the lifeguard house can be used to store vessels in winter and for learning outside in the summer. If necessary, it can also be used to store the wood materials needed for ship construction. The smallest and closest building to the water has a sauna complex overlooking the river and the lifeguard room. The entire Lodjakoda outdoor space is open and has year-round access to cycle and pedestrian tracks along the River Emajõgi.

Enclosed net area: ship construction workshop (Lodjakoda) 960.8 m², auxiliary building 281.7 m², lifeguard house/sauna 107.1 m²
Architect: Salto AB OÜ
Construction period: November 2019 – July 2020

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