Mustvee E-Ehituskeskus

The shop building in Mustee is mainly single-storey and comprises two interconnected sections with a gable roof. It is a laminated timber frame building, the outer walls and roof are made of SW PIR panels. The façade is covered with light gauge and partially with polycarbonate, wooden ribs and wood panels. The sales area of the shop is visually divided into two. The sections of the sales area are connected to a lower space where the entrance, cash registers and information desk are. The sales area has direct access to the cold storage for building materials. A separate entrance for employees has been built on the north side of the building. The manager’s office, resting room and separate dressing rooms and washrooms for men and women are located in the non-workrooms area. In addition, a cleaning equipment room was built. Mechanical rooms are located on the second floor.

Enclosed net area: 1 412.2 m²
Architect: AB Studio-3
Construction period: July 2019 – January 2020

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