Miridon office and warehouse building

The existing building of Miridon OÜ at Rehepapi tee 31, Tartu County, was reconstructed into an office building and a new wing with the surrounding area was built to the southwest, fencing was added all around the plot. The reconstructed wing consists of the goods reception area and a two-storey office and non-workrooms area. The extension has cold storage. The building is rectangular with a gable roof (width 36.8 m, length 42.85 m, including the extension – 21.88 m). The existing building is two-storey and includes offices, non-workrooms and mechanical rooms. The ground floor of this building remained unchanged, except for the goods reception area to which a second storey was added. For the extension, new three-layer insulated profiled sheet panels and three-layer reinforced concrete panels (socle) were installed. Exterior finishes follow the existing materials and color scheme. The existing asphalt roads were preserved for the most part, additional asphalt roads were constructed around the extension. The parking system at the car park was maintained.

Enclosed net area: 1800 m²
Architect: AS RTG Projektbüroo
Construction period: September 2019 – March 2020

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