Novapolis stage 1 and 2

The first stage of this project saw the full reconstruction of the building complex at Riia 142 in Tartu, wherein a five-storeyed (wing A) and two-storeyed (wing B) section were made into a coherent whole. The dimensional quality of the main entrance was updated, the building was converted into a modern energy-efficient office building, and both the façades and the roof were reconstructed. A terrace with container plants and shielding was built on the roof of the lower building block. The first floor area next to the main entrance is designed as a café area. The basement floor of the building holds mechanical rooms and ancillary facilities. Aboveground floors hold office spaces. External networks were also reconstructed, additional insulation and modern energy-efficient technical systems were installed, worn doors and windows were replaced, and the waterproofing of the plinth was improved. Traffic on the plot was reorganised within the redesigned area, and the paths, grounds, greenery, and overall condition of the site were given a touch-up. The second stage saw the construction of public areas, stairways, and rental premises.

Enclosed net area: 8 077,3 m²
Construction period: august 2017 – january 2019
Architect: Kauss Arhitektuur OÜ

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