Linnupargi development in Tartu

The plan provides for a total of 11 built-up areas. The construction of the first built-up area with 35 apartments began in July 2019 and the construction of the second built-up area with 34 apartments began in November 2019. The plan is to create a new residential area with approximately 300 apartments. The layouts of the apartments at Linnupargi have been carefully thought out, taking into account, first and foremost, optimal use of space and comfort. The buildings are Class B energy efficient. High ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows create ideal light conditions for all apartments in all directions. Every home at Linnupargi has a balcony, the ground floors of terrace houses have planter boxes and terraces that catch the afternoon sun. The six-storey tower block with a square floorplan and a flat roof has a total of 19–20 apartments. At the centre of the building is a staircase and an elevator. The storage rooms of the tower block apartments are located on the ground floor. The main volume of the terrace house is two storeys, the apartments have storage rooms either inside or outside the apartment. There is also convenient parking in front of the apartment building, a bicycle storage building, a common barbecue area and a playground.

Enclosed net area: tower block 1 300 m², terrace house 937 m²
Architect: Apex AB arhitektid
Construction period: stage III august 2020 – spring 2021, stage IV november 2020 – summer 2020

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