Pärnu Joint Building

The Pärnu Joint Building complex has been designed for the administrative institutions of the Ministry of the Interior. The official premises and workrooms of the Police and Border Guard Board, Estonian Rescue Board, Alarm Centre, IT and Development Centre at the Estonian Ministry of the Interior (SMIT), and Victim Support Department of the Social Insurance Board will be located in the new buildings of the complex on the Tammsaare pst 61 and Tammsaare pst 70 registered immovables. In addition to the joint building, the registered immovable will have all the necessary auxiliary buildings together with a square, fencing and essential communications. During construction, A.H. Tammsaare pst, within the limits of the registered immovable, and the intersection of A.H. Tammsaare pst and Riia mnt will be reconstructed.

Enclosed net area: 12 789 m²
Architect: Novarc Group AS
Construction period: May 2019 – January 2021

Tammsaare pst_Pärnu Ühishoone_eskiis

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