Reconstruction of a commercial building of Lõunakeskus

This project involved the redesign and reconstruction of an existing store building of Lõunakeskus in Tartu, which was to be joined by new tenants PetCity and Jahipaun. Of the old tenants, Hawaii and Handyman would also remain in the building. During the reconstruction, Jahipaun and PetCity received new rooms. The existing electrical, ventilation, water supply, and sewage systems were reconstructed. A new ventilation system was built for PetCity’s clinic. The entire building was given a cooling system, new smoke vents, and a new fire barrier wall. Outside, a new ramp, stairway, and vestibule were built.

Enclosed net area: 1420 m²
Architect: Arhitektibüroo Peil OÜ
Construction period: july 2017 – october 2017

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