Skyon office building

The Skyon office building is a 26-storey building soon to be built at Maakri 30 in central Tallinn. With a height of 95 metres above ground level, the Skyon office building is one of the tallest buildings in the area. Its unique and attractive architecture makes it one of the most spectacular high-rises at the heart of the business centre in downtown Tallinn, clearly distinguishing it from other high-rises located around Tornimäe. The façade of the building is decorated with colourful and playful shapes, which on closer inspection form a repeating pattern. LED light strips will be installed between the shapes to give the building a much more romantic look during darker hours. The distinctive triangular windows keep out excessive heat, while offering breathtaking views of the city. Skyon will offer modern and high-quality office spaces for both small and large enterprises. The building will be fitted with four elevators for quick passage from floor to floor, as well as spiral staircases connecting the different floors. The fourth floor is uniquely designed to hold large outdoor terraces. More exclusive office spaces will be located on floors 21 to 26. The variously sized offices in the building come with the added value of an inspiring view of Tallinn. Skyon’s unique lobby will be majestic, but cosy: an 11.5 metre high room with decorative lighting and a large, floor-to-ceiling LED display behind the administrators’ desk. One of the lobby’s walls is designed to resemble a rock face decorated with green vegetation. The lobby will be equipped with comfortable seating areas. Below the building, there will be a heated multi-level car park with bicycle storage areas. The parking floors will also be equipped with toilets and shower rooms.

Architect: KOKO arhitektid OÜ
Enclosed net area: 11,488 m²
Construction period: February 2019 – winter 2021

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