Construction of the Viruvere plywood factory

The building will have a rectangular floor plan due to the nature of the production process. The general-use block will have two floors and its entrance will be located on the second floor, which will be positioned in the same plane as the existing road. Employees will enter the building from the central entrance, whence office workers will head into the office and production workers to the changing rooms on the first floor. The office section will have offices, meeting rooms, a kitchenette, server room, dining hall, and a study room. Of the production rooms, the southern section of the building will hold the finished product warehouse. The eastern side will hold mechanical rooms. The northern side will hold a service room. The southeast corner of the building will hold a logistician’s post, bathroom, shower room, and a resting area for drivers. The building will stand on wooden columns topped with wooden beams. The outer walls will be built from sandwich wall panels and the plinth section from reinforced concrete. In the unheated warehouse section, the outer walls will be clad with profiled sheet metal, and the openings between the columns will be covered with PVC warehouse curtains. The protruding section of the general-use block will have a glass façade, while its ends will be clad with plywood-patterned façade tiles. Around the building, an area of approximately 3 hectares will be paved with asphalt. The entire site will be surrounded by a fence.

Enclosed net area: 20 000 m²
Architect: Projekt O2 OÜ
Construction period: august 2018 – september 2019

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