Construction of the Jõgeva breeding centre of the Estonian Crop Research Institute

The site currently holds a boiler plant and a fuel oil pumping station built in 1968, both of which will be demolished to make way for the new building. The new building will be used for drying, sorting, storing, and analysing samples within plant breeding tests. The building will be divided into two sections: a general-use and laboratory section, and, on the other side of the building, unheated storage rooms. The two sections will be connected by a drying and sorting machine room. The northern section of the building, which will be nearest to the street, will also serve a public function, while the southern section will be dedicated to storage rooms. The load-bearing structures of the storage section of the building will be steel posts and beams, which will support load-bearing profiled metal sheets. The office and laboratory section will be built from hollow-core concrete slabs, the voids of which will be reinforced and concreted. The load-bearing section of the roof will consist of profiled metal sheets resting on the slab walls or the steel beams between the slab walls.

Enclosed net area: 1119 m²
Architect: BOA OÜ
Construction period: november 2018 – august 2019

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