Construction of Astri commercial building

This project saw the construction of a new commercial building for OÜ Astri Köök near the Lõunakeskus shopping centre in Tartu. The building holds an office, product sales rooms, storage rooms, and a small-scale convenience food and confectionery production facility. Architecturally, it is a largely single-storeyed building with a square-shaped floor plan. The western and southern sides of the building are partially two-storeyed. The building has a clearly modernist design: silvery grey steel panel surfaces, glass wall in the corner section, street-side walls covered with wooden ribbing with a cutout that says “ASTRI KÖÖK”, which is illuminated at nighttime. The customer and office entrance is located on the western side of the building, with an operation entrance and supply loading bay on the south side.

Enclosed net area: 1143,2 m²
Architect: Arhitektuuribüroo Peil OÜ
Construction period: august 2018 – february 2018

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