Extension and reconstruction of the commercial building of Tööriistamarket

This project saw the reconstruction of the façades of the existing building of Tööriistamarket and the construction of a new southeastern wing at Ringtee 78 in Tartu. The extension consisted of a room for receiving goods, as well as a two-storeyed general-use and office section, plus the extension of the asphalt-paved area in front of the gate. The building has a rectangular floor area. The walls and ceiling of the two-storeyed section at the back of the building were demolished, after which the rooms in the demolished section were refitted. Cast-in-situ foundations were created under the frame columns. The load-bearing elements of the extension are concrete columns, prefabricated steel columns made from rectangular tubes, and load-bearing walls of hollow-core concrete slabs. The plinth was built using concrete-filled Columbia-Kivi blocks. Above the plinth, lightweight sandwich panels were used for thermal insulation. A reinforced concrete floor slab was cast over the surface of the insulated floor. The roof of the extended building section has an inner drain and a flat roof with waterproof roll roofing.

Enclosed net area: 2940.5 m² (incl. extension 652.6 m³)
Architect: AS RTG Projektbüroo
Construction period: october 2018 – february 2018

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