Punane Maja (Red House), Telliskivi 60a/8, Tallinn

This is a reconstruction project, which involves building two additional floors for a former four-storey machinery and equipment building, wherein the existing load-bearing structures are to be preserved as much as possible. The essential character of the building is anchored in a large art gallery located on floors 2 and 3. On the first three floors, the staircase at the centre of the building utilises a double helix design. The tall façade of the limestone ground floor will be reconstructed and preserved in a form as close to the original as possible. This floor contains a large open space for holding various events, as well as a café and a gallery shop. The first floor is connected to building 60a/7, to the preparation area of the rooftop restaurant, which also serves the concert and conference area of the lower floor. Building 60a/7 also contains public toilets, a locker room, ancillary rooms for the kitchen and gallery, and an office. The top floor of the building will be replaced with a full floor, and above it will be an additional high-ceilinged step-back restaurant floor and a rooftop terrace.
Basic structure: existing shallow foundation, reinforced concrete and steel frame, ribbed slab and monolithic ceilings. The existing brick walls will be insulated and covered with Raketerm façade cladding panels, windows will be fitted with Raketerm-clad shutters.

Architect: OÜ Salto AB
Enclosed net area: 4,958.7 m²
Construction period: June 2018 – July 2019

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