LabelPrint office and industrial building extension

Within this project, the existing office and industrial building of LabelPrint OÜ at Reti tee 16, Rae Parish, Peetri Village was extended by 60 metres to the northwest. The extension will have a rectangular floor area of 60 x 40 m. The extension will consist of three storage/production areas and second floor office spaces. The frame of the building will be built on a shallow foundation. The floor of the office will be made from hollow-core slab, and the roof floor will be a flat roof on load-bearing profiled metal sheet with 280 mm thick insulation. The outer walls will be made from sandwich panels and fitted with PVC windows.

Architect: Moodul Projekt OÜ
Enclosed net area: 2,491 m²
Construction period: June 2018 – December 2018

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