Puumerkki office and warehouse building

The office and warehouse building is located at Pihlapuu 1, Õssu Village, Kambja Parish, Tartu County. The building has a rectangular floor area of 67.66 x 22.66 m. The office section of the building is two-storeyed and the warehouse section is single-storeyed. The single-storeyed section contains a large warehouse with mechanical rooms and a mechanical balcony. The first floor of the two-storeyed section is a sales hall with ancillary rooms and an office, while the second floor contains office spaces. The two floors are connected by an escape stairway. The main entrance is crowned by a glass façade and a cherry-red awning. The office section is dominated by larger glass surfaces with aluminium-coloured aluminium profiles, which are framed by dark grey sandwich panel walls. The dark grey sandwich panels are continued in the warehouse section, where they are punctuated with aluminium grey overhead doors and a row of continuous windows. Basic structure: shallow foundation, steel frame, flat roof on profiled sheet metal, 280 mm of insulation, covered with 2 x SBS, two-storeyed section of precast hollow-core slabs of reinforced concrete. Outer walls of reinforced concrete basement wall elements, sandwich panels.

Enclosed net area: 2000,3 m²
Architect: Sirkel ja Mall OÜ
Construction period: march 2018 – august 2018

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