Lange Moto Centre

Lange Moto Centre commissioned the construction of a go-kart centre building, which is conceptually divided into two sections. The southern section has two floors and a terrace and is designed as a place where visitors can watch races and training sessions. The main entrance of the public section faces the parking lot of the motorsports centre. The southern side is fitted with a glass façade that offers a view of the outdoor track, so that visitors can watch go-kart races from inside the building. The northern section of the building contains a garage/workshop for servicing go-karts, ancillary rooms for storing equipment and materials, changing rooms and washing facilities, and a sauna for visitors. One of the distinctive visual characteristics of the building is the pitched roofs positioned at different heights and angles. The roofs extend far over the walls and are supported by slanted glulam columns.

Enclosed net area: 400 m²
Architect: TEMPT OÜ
Construction period: june 2017 – november 2017

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