Business and storage building, Peterburi tee 47, Tallinn

The business and storage building is located at Peterburi tee 47, between the streets of Väike-Paala and Suur-Paala, in the Lasnamäe district of Tallinn, and consists of three blocks. The first block contains office and business spaces, is the most attractive of the three, and faces the street of Peterburi tee. The front of the building is divided vertically into sections, partly protruding from the plane of the first floor, bound together by glass façade components. Meanwhile, the one- and two-storeyed production blocks are positioned perpendicularly to Peterburi tee and have a closed design as seen from the street. The business block is three- and four-storeyed. Entrances for employees and visitors to the business and office block are located on the side facing Peterburi tee. The building situated on the side of Suur-Paala street is primarily used by a variety of service providers. A parking lot, green areas, and utility lines were built for the site. Basic structure: shallow foundation, reinforced concrete frame, hollow-core slab floors and roof floors, ceiling partially on steel beams, outer walls made from reinforced concrete elements, partly SW. PVC-covered flat roof.

Architect: Arhitekt Tarbe OÜ
Enclosed net area: 14,700 m²
Construction period: June 2017 – July 2018

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