Apartment building Three Brothers (Pikk 43, 45, 47)

A 64-apartment residential building with views on the river and the city centre will be built in Pikk Street in the Ülejõe District of Tartu. The volume of the building will be divided in three, but connected by commercial premises on the ground floor and by an underground car park on the basement level. There will be a private playground in the yard of the U-shaped building.

Studio apartments with high ceilings are designed for the ground floor of the block of buildings at Pikk 47. Most of the apartments will have balconies with street-side apartments equipped with glazed porches in the console section. Ground floor apartments will have terraces on the roof of the car park extending out from under the building. The building will be situated so that extensive window surfaces will be facing south and west with fewer windows facing north.

The building is designed to be constructed on a reinforced concrete pile foundation. The load-bearing structure of the apartment levels will be formed of prefab reinforced concrete exterior and interior walls, which will be supporting prefab reinforced concrete ceilings.

Designer: Kauss Arhitektuur OÜ, architects Urmo Mets (specialist in charge), Kristiina Aasvee, Julia Trunova, Grete Veskiväli
Enclosed net area: 6,280 m² (incl. 1,699 m² underground)
Construction period: November 2016 – September 2017

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