Multi-functional building at 2 Riia St.

The planned multi-functional urban quarter lies between Kaubamaja department store and Tasku centre and is bordered by the streets of Riia, Turu, Soola and Aleksandri. In its immediate vicinity are the Tartu courthouse, Vanemuine theatre and the central bus station. Creating a commercial quarter will diversify the area, adding residential, hotel and spa functions to it.
The multi-functional city quarter is formed by retail, office and business premises, a hotel, apartments and a spa. In addition, the side along Riia Street is designed as a covered city square, thus forming a cosy public space in front of the building. Windows of different parts of the structure open up to streets, creating a lively and diverse cityscape. Retail premises are located in the centre of the building to avoid the shopping centre becoming a closed and inward-looking space.

According to its architectural plans, the building has originally seven floors and in the future, two and three-floor structures will be added to its corners. Two underground levels are entirely below the planned ground surface, and the ground level, or level 0, along Aleksandri Street is partly located under the ground surface due to the relief of the building site. The lower underground level hosts a parking area for cars and technical facilities. On the higher underground floor, there is a parking area for cars, technical and service facilities and storage and commercial premises. On the ground floor, there are commercial and storage premises as well as a loading bay accessible by delivery trucks. The upper floors are designed to be used as business, office and residential premises. The third floor of the building will host a spa centre with swimming pools.

Area occupied by the building: 10,612 m²
Net area occupied by closed premises: 54,260.4 m²
Floors: 4 floors + semi-basement floor + 2 underground levels
Architectural design: Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid OÜ
The project is executed in consortium with the construction company Ehitusfirma Rand ja Tuulberg AS.

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