Jõhvi Secondary School

Riigi Kinnisvara AS and Jõhvi Rural Municipality have commissioned the construction of a building to accommodate Jõhvi Secondary School on a registered immovable property at 5b Hariduse Street. A secondary school building provides a suitable environment for contemporary upper secondary school studies and an aesthetically enjoyable study setting inside as well as outside of the building. The school building is as a cast-in-place concrete structure with two and partially three floors. The building is connected to a nearby schoolhouse via a gallery on the semi-basement floor. The educational building with a circular overall design is 51.9 m long and 51.9 m wide. The building is designed to accommodate 540 students.

Net area occupied by closed premises: 3973.8 m²

Construction period: January 2014 – August 2015
Main design contractor: Esplan OÜ
Architectural design and plans of building structures: Pikoprojekt OÜ

The project is executed in consortium with Maru Ehitus AS.

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