Residential and commercial building at 2 Soola St.

The modern architectural design of the building and especially its articulated façade on Kalevi Street reflects the restless lifestyle characteristic of the city centre. At the same time, such a well-articulated surface is ideal for designing terraces and balconies and reduces the visual volume of the façade. After all, high-end apartments in the city centre are expected to have terraces or balconies. The façade, made of aluminium composite panels, is red and shifting the location of windows from floor to floor gives the impression of a pattern. Unlike the façade, articulated sections are finished with composite panels of modest grey colour. The new building has seven floors above ground and a semi-basement level to accommodate a parking area. The first three floors are designed to accommodate also commercial premises and offices with separate entrances to significantly reduce the use of the stairwell and the elevator connecting all floors of the building. The entire building has one stairwell and one elevator. The lowest floor for residential premises is the first floor. Upper floors are for apartments only. Detailed views of the building are available from three sides. Apartments can be accessed either by car or on foot via an entrance in Soola Street. Behind the lower façade along Kalevi Street are commercial premises and behind those technical premises. Office premises on the first and second floors are also accessed via Kalevi Street. Separate sanitary facilities are designed for commercial and office premises. The building accommodates a total of 34 apartments of which 9 are one-bedroom, 14 two-bedroom, 9 three-bedroom and 2 four-bedroom apartments. All apartments have a hallway, a living room and kitchen combined, bedroom(s) and sanitary facilities. Most apartments feature a balcony, French balcony or a roof terrace.

Net area occupied by closed premises: 4575 m²
Construction periood: May 2014 – August 2015
Design by: U-Disain OÜ

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